IKOMT Concept

Institute for Clinically Oriented Multidimensional Therapy.

The IKOMT concept was developed by Ezdesir Kemali and is based on over 25 years of professional experience with constant research and teaching in neuroscience and many other disciplines. He has been teaching the concept internationally since 2008.

In the IKOMT concept, the patient is perceived as a human being in the center of his physical, mental, emotional and social stresses that affect and are experienced by him.

Basically, it can be said that the human being is seen as a whole in the center of biological, psychological and social stress factors.

Pain and suffering serve here as leading symptoms to determine and to resolve the restriction of the quality of life.

Many of his patients see him as an expert and mentor in pain management and recommend him to others. This is for him the most credible recognition of his work.

Basically, three different types of pain can be distinguished:

Somatogenic (coming from the body) pain, so-called hardware problems.

Neurogenic pain (caused by nerves or nerves), so-called software problems (partly also hardware)

Psychogenic pain, so-called user problems.


Pain is not always physically caused, and if you are not physically caused, it is not automatically psychogenic.

In most cases it is a combination of the three types of pain mentioned.

At the beginning of treatment, the causes of the pain are determined - also taking into account previous diagnoses:

  • Healing-inhibiting factors
  • Psychosocial stress factors
  • Negative beliefs
  • Burdensome behaviors
  • Burdensome movement patterns

and, of course, all factors that can alleviate pain.

Acute problems can usually be treated in shorter periods of time.

Acute pain includes:

  • Inflammation
  • Pain caused by intervertebral discs
  • Nerve-related pain
  • Overload syndromes
  • Incorrect or reduced load syndromes

In order to alleviate or eliminate chronic pain, a more intensive investigation into the cause of the problem is necessary. Non-specific pain/complaints usually have persistent existing symptoms, usually without finding a structural cause.

Currently Mr. Kemali is no longer actively working as a Physiotherapist. He supervises other Therapists and gives lectures. His teaching institute currently teaches only in Turkey www.ikomt.com.tr , which he leads as director in further development and Quality management. For Treatments he can recommend Therapists he supervises