The man who changes lives

Quote former student of Mr. Kemali

In Brief:

30 years of professional experience as a physiotherapist
More than 20 years in own private practice
More than 20 years of international teaching in more than 10 countries
Since 14 years own teaching institute for holistic therapy
Over 500 lectures in the field of pain, psychosomatics, etc.
Over 100.000 treatments of chronically ill people
18 years of Health & Life Coaching in the context of therapeutic work

Ezdesir Kemali was born in 1974 in Germany and started very young to work as a physiotherapist in hospitals, health clinics, practices and to coach athletes. One of his central qualities is to empathize with other people.

With his clients he explores their entanglements, limiting or stressful emotions. Because he became known very early on as an expert in conservative pain management, he was often sought out as a last resort. He developed an international reputation as a therapist for severe cases.

He helps to find ways out of seemingly hopeless situations. Life experience, knowledge, empathy and intuition are tools that help him feel with clients and patients. He sees it as the main focus of his work to reduce, prevent or change people's suffering and to promote self-efficacy.

Many former patients and clients book him long-term as a life coach, as a life support. Since he has recognized his clients very well in all life situations, he is thus for short assistance always there for them.