Expert and Patient Opinions

Alex Bommes I can remember very well my first encounter with Ezdesir Kemali. It was in the fall of 2001, I was a professional handball player for VfL Gummersbach and despite the hardest rehabilitation work on my freshly operated shoulder, I had the same symptoms as before. So my then - by now desperate - physiotherapist drove me to Hagen one training-free evening to introduce me to the person who, in his opinion, "could fix anything". And getting to know this person indeed changed everything and set the tone for a relationship of trust that has now lasted 18 years, in which Esti Kemali has literally stood by me day and night and still stands by me regularly. His knowledge and experience of the effects that nervous and emotional stress in particular have on specific movements is unparalleled. Likewise, his clarity of manner and address, his calmness and level-headedness always lead directly to reassurance.
I am very grateful to Ezdesir Kemali and have great respect for his personality and his unique abilities.

Hanne Knust The intake interview before the start of treatment was extensive. I was asked in detail by Mr. Kemali about my complaints and general life circumstances. Each treatment is individual. There is no typical 08/15 and no minute-by-minute patient processing. Before each treatment, a conversation takes place about the last treatment, its effect as well as about the current state of health. These results are incorporated into the further treatments and take into account the individual reaction of the body.

Meike Haferkamp I had a serious traffic accident in 2009 in which I suffered an acetabular fracture. In order to continue to participate in life as a young mother and to be able to do justice to my children, I left no stone unturned to become pain-free, resilient and mobile again. In all those years I spent many days in bed or on the sofa and my children had to help me because I was hardly able to do anything because of the pain. I have been to many doctors, had two operations, many different therapies, from psychotherapy with pills, to ostheopathy, to pain management with Tilidine, etc. I was with almost countless chief physicians, senior physicians, recommended physiotherapists, homeopaths. After nine years I was referred to Mr. Kemali by the head physician of a hospital in Osnabrück. Since I have been in treatment with Mr. Kemali, the pain has become less and less, I sometimes have no pain for weeks, my mobility has partially returned completely and my resilience has returned due to the pain-free periods. His method of treatment is quite different from any other done before. If I had learned about Mr. Kemali and his treatment methods sooner, I would have saved myself many years of false hopes and knockdowns. I was on the verge of resigning myself to the fact that I would never again be free of pain, except with the appropriate medication and its associated side effects. Now I have hope again, live completely without painkillers and enjoy my life and that I can go back to work and am no longer dependent on outside help. I am very grateful to Mr. Kemali for this.

Dr. Hansmeier His approach is most definitely special, but if you listen to Him , it all makes sense, and the success proves him right.

Martin Felgenhauer "I don't know anyone who has such empathy."
In 20 years now, I have come to know Mr. Kemali as an ever-studying, rigorously scientific therapist.
His personal integrity and professional competence make Mr. Kemali a mentor to me, always available for advice and support.

Myriam Petersen Once you understand his basic philosophy, you understand Ezdesir Kemali's life changing.

X. J. Moonen Even as a student, he stood out with his questions. He has special abilities to understand people and help you.

Dr. A. Khadra I still don't know "what" he does exactly and "how" he does it.
But the special thing is; I have met students, patients and clients of Mr. Kemali even before I knew him, and one particular sentence I have been told by all of them:
"He changed my life"!

Semih Saduk I hadn’t heard of Ezdeşir Kemali before I started to course in Turkey. After we met during the class, immediately he made me question my life and that’s how I started to get to know better myself. My wishes for my professional and social life have changed due to him. I became more determined in my life. And now my life and what I do are more meaningful.

Bilal Tun We met by coincidence in 2008. Since then, as my beloved bigger brother, he has showed me so many ways in any sense, been my mentor in my professional and social life. Besides all, I thank him for the great patience and the great effort that he had for me. On the way of achieving his goals, despite of every obstacles and difficulties, he never gives up. At the end, besides the education that he gives, he is a wise person who shows so many possibilities for their life by touching their soul and who is a valuable scholar, a humble expert.

Pelin Deniz Duygulu Ezdesir Kemali is a practical and solution-oriented person. In the situations in which people are, he can see many factors that affect these situations and he can attribute these factors to a cause, evaluate possible results that related to the cause very quickly. This talent provides a dominance and stability around him. And this stability gives me a sense of safeness when I work with him.
His passion for his job is another characteristic that makes me admire him.

Muge Korkut Ezdesir Kemali is a special person for whom I feel lucky to lead me, who knows no obstacles, who has succeeded in being honest with himself, whose foresights I trust, and whose philosophy I took base for myself. I owe him where I am today; in terms of my professional and personal life. He made me realize the obstacles I put on myself and my strengths and weaknesses on the way to success. 8 years later, I am still amazed by how well he measures people and make aware of themselves. I am grateful for the value and respect that he has added to me as a teacher and a leader, and for creating the ideal working ground for me.

Suleyman Nakis Just as our tissues need the right load in order to develop; our character also needs to be exposed to the right loads in order to develop. Unfortunately, a few of us really know and aware of that how to develop ourselves.
Ezdeşir Kemali made a great impact on development of my character by making me aware of my needs that even I didn’t know.

Bahar Dagli Gurbuz I met Ezdeşir Kemali in 2015. He always showed respect for his work and the people around him and made everyone feel that respect. He taught me the unity of mind and feelings and taught me what it means to feel. I thank and appreciate him for his support and wisdom in allowing me to achieve the best version of myself. Fortunately, our paths have crossed.