A Man of Strong Words

A suffering life is always the shadow side of a very different life we could have if....! - Ezdesir Kemali

Ezdesir Kemali has made it his mission to scale his acquired knowledge and skills as broadly as possible. Therefore, he takes every opportunity to present his knowledge and experience to a wide audience.

As a speaker & lecturer, he is gladly available when strong words and clear announcements are needed in the field of Body and Mind.

Lecture Topics

1. "What does my pain want to tell me?"
Pain has a message, suffering is part of life, you just have to learn how to deal with it.

2. "Healthy life is ..."
The pillars of health.

3. "We live to feel"-.
What suppressed emotions can cause.

4. "Successful in business with conscious feelings"
Why thinking is overrated.

5. "The loss of identity, body awareness and Self "
Why social media is ruining our lives.